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Church Life Survey of New Zealand

Welcome to the Church Life Survey of New Zealand

The Church Life Survey of New Zealand is an activity of The Christian Research Association of New Zealand. We organise the Church Life Survey to take place nationwide soon after the New Zealand Census. However individual churches and denominations may choose to participate at a time suitable to their own purposes.

This is our church portal, where churches may view their reports, and enter their data (if they so choose to do). The reports are updated automatically whenever questionnaire results are added to the database.

2018+ Church Life Survey

Our next nationwide Church Life Survey of New Zealand (CLSNZ) will take place in 2023, the same year as the national Census.

You will be able to register as an individual church or as a group of churches, such as a diocese. Registering as group means that you will be able to take advantages of discounts as your group will be billed for the registration costs.

Even if you are part a group, your can still register as an individual church. However, your group, and not you, will be invoiced for the cost. Also, if you are part of a group, you will be asked for your "Group code". You will receive this code from the person registering your group.

The Survey produces a snapshot of the church in New Zealand, and provides valuable information for the local church, including trends that are taking place (depending upon previous involvement with the CLSNZ). It also enables us to compare the church and its different denominations and groupings with information provided by the 2018 Census.

Online reports are available for each question and any combination of two questions. Printable reports for each section of questions can be downloaded.

Click on a thumbnail to see the fullpage report (These reports are static screenshots of interactive reports)

  • To view your church report, you will need to have both your church code and your report code.
  • To enter data for your church, you will need to be registered by your church and the CLSNZ team as a dataentry operator. You will need your operator code, your church code and the dataentry code for the survey results you wish to submit.